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Applicants are required to send a SHORT Cover letter. Applicants who do not send a Cover letter or do not include the required information given below will not be considered.


Sales Agent

We are looking for a Sales Agent; someone who wants to make a big difference within a young organization. Someone who has demonstrated exemplary contribution in sales accomplishment towards a winning Sales team. Someone agile, self-driven and target-oriented; driven by the commission-based principle of “sell-more, earn-more”. You are looking to empower your team members and our customers; to contribute positively to the environment we live in, while laying foundational blocks of a respected, successful Kenyan company.

Must have proven success in selling, with concrete results to show in terms of the Sales achievement of his/her previous teams.

Applicants are required to send a SHORT Cover letter. Applicants who do not send a Cover letter or do not include the required information given below will automatically be disqualified.

Information required in Cover letter:-
  • Elaborate on your previous role(s) as a sales executive (role held for at least 1 year)
  • Demonstrate achievement of sales results – what have you achieved… Specifically give numbers showing achievements clearly (increase in sales volume, value, customer base, etc.)
  • Why you are interested in the advertised role – relate this to your personal and career goals, what you consider your biggest asset that you would bring to our organization, etc.
  • Which channels would you mobilize in order to reach the target customer market
  • Target Gross earnings per month – what do you hope to earn in total per month, ie. basic salary + commissions ? Work on 25% retainer / 75% commission
  • Absolute Minimum basic retainer acceptable (this is not what you are hoping you earn, it is the basic pay below which you would NOT consider to accept the role)
  • If successful, when you would be available to start


As you might know, Africa is the next frontier for Global development, having been particularly resilient to the Global Economic hardships facing the West. In general, business is booming in Africa, particularly in East Africa!

There is, however, a significant shortfall in the required Electricity to support this boom. We at EOS are out to capitalize on this opportunity, by offering affordable, quality Solar Solutions.

We are a young, multi-cultural company, based in Kenya, providing end-to-end Industrial, Commercial and Residential Solar solutions to key growth segments. We are looking for excited and energized Sales Agent talent to join our force.

If you are open-minded, value cultural diversity and keen to make a significant mark, please take a look at our requirements and contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The EOS Team

Sales Agent (SA)


The Sales Agent (SA) will report to the Sales Manager and be a critical part of our growth journey. In turn, there will be significant opportunity for growth in responsibility and career advancement. The successful candidate will be a responsible, self-driven, detail-oriented Professional, keen on driving Sales of Solar solutions – to be part of a team moving ground-breaking renewable energy growth sector in Kenya.

As a Sales Agent, you will be self-driven and leverage on your existing networks as well as create new networks to identify and reach high-potential Residential, Small- and Medium-Commercial customers. Educate the customer on the benefits of Solar Energy and highlight the recent new regulation requiring all new construction to install Solar Water Heating (existing homes have until 2017 to comply). See www.eos.co.ke/swh

Eventually, sell the Product / Solution to the customer. You will guide the Technical definition of the Solution by working closely with the Technical Lead to guide implementation, Quality Assurance and Handover.

As such, you are a key asset in defining EOS’ path to success in our formative days, both in way of generating Revenue and defining our Brand through managing and meeting customer expectations and delivering a world-class solution.

The ideal candidate will posses highly developed inter-personal skills, ability to “sell anything that he/she believes in, to anyone”. Must have strong qualitative and quantitative analysis, problem-solving, decision-making, strong commercial understanding, concise and clear communication, team-work, diplomacy, ability to self-motivate and co-motivate the team.

Most importantly, to be excited by working in a fast-paced, flat-organizational modern environment.

Responsibilities include:
  • Finding and reaching out to Residential customers of the right target market – middle- to upper-class segment home-owners who are open-minded to move to Solar.
  • Field-work to reach new residential estates and homes and small commercial customers.
  • Working with Marketing to recommend ideal areas and means to promote our Solar solutions to the target market.
  • Customer Focus
    • Defines and categorizes target customers along with where to find them
    • Highlights and drives opportunities to Market to those customers, eg. expos
    • Understand the Customer’s needs / challenges
    • Customize a solution
    • Educates the customer while setting expectations
  • Selling
    • Sells to the Individual customer
    • Sells to the Small- and Medium-Commercial customer
  • Owns EOS’s relationship with the Customer
    • Responsible for Customer satisfaction – by ensuring processes and best practices are followed to guarantee Quality
    • Primary Interface between Customer and Technical expert during Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  • Front-end Technical lead
    • Technically defines the Customer’s needs and assists with high-level design of the system for the Technical expert
    • Guides the Technical expert on Customer requirements before, during and after the Sale
    • Legal & Quality Control Interface
      • Responsible for ensuring that Customer is made aware of and signs off on all Legal documentation prior to work commencing
      • Responsible for maintaining Quality Assurance documentation for each Customer – filled in by the Technical Lead but driven by you
  • Accounting
    • Prepare Quotations
    • Collect payment from Customer on time and in full
    • Receipt the Sale
  • Leadership, Organization
    • Maintain electronic records of ALL customer interactions
    • Organized as per Management criteria / format
    • Present reports on Sales status to Management in a methodical and routine manner – agreed upon with Management, weekly by default
  • Basic Communication and mobility allowance.
  • Aggressive Graded/tiered commission.
  • Structured rewards / growth scheme, ie. graduating to Supervisor, Manager.

Successful candidates will have a combined 5 out of the following 6:

  • Thirst to Sell, Sell, Sell; hunger for solar energy applications
  • Practical hands-on experience Selling solutions; preferably technical solutions. Driven by Commission-based remuneration model.
  • Self-driven attitude and experience to show it; Organized and methodical.
  • Agile way of working – we’re a dynamic, young team willing to do whatever it takes to succeed; this includes, but not limited to thinking outside the box, being open to working some weekends in order to meet residential customers at their convenient time.
  • Software expertise: Ability to do Quotations in MS Excel; technical drawings/sketches in MS Project / other; write letters in MS Word.
  • Knack for simplicity in Communication, both verbal and written.
  • Strong NETWORK of decision-makers: Residential home-owners in middle- to upper-class segments, real-estate developers, construction industry players, Small-, Medium- and Large-commercial institutions.
  • Minimum of 2 years experience in Selling Residential solutions (strong exceptions will be considered). Demonstrate growth in Sales and over-achieving of targets.
  • B.S. degree or Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or similar Technical field.
  • Demonstrate basic understanding of our Solar solutions.
  • Proficiency in MS Excel and MS PowerPoint (and MS Word).